Mickie James Nude

Welcome fans of WWE Raw women’s champion Mickie James!  The charismatic diva has been a staple of the wrestling world for a long time now, ensuring her place in history as one of the most talented and popular female wrestlers of her time.  Mickie James is also one of the hottest divas to ever grace the four corners of the ring.  She’s buffed but not too much; just enough to make her look fit and powerful and not a disgusting female imitation of a male body.  And her tits are simply heavenly.  Big and bouncy, I love watching her breasts as she runs down to the ring.  I know that most people consider Trish Stratus and Stacey Keibler as the hottest babes and sex symbols in wrestling, but I also believe that Mickie possesses a different kind of appeal unlike that of Trish and Stacey.  She was originally a heel but during her first championship match against Trish Stratus, she was clearly the crowd favorite.  She got more cheers than Trish that night and fans were ecstatic when she wrested the championship belt from Trish.  That would be the beginning of her reign as on and off women’s world champion in the WWE.  Through sheer talent and determination, the unknown female wrestler from Virginia became one of the most famous and loved celebrities of the wrestling industry.

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